Pet Sales Online Marketplace - SJ1260


Online marketplace launched in 2018 for buying and selling pets. Perfect opportunity for an animal lover to help people find their new addition to the family.


The platform has proved hugely popular with users with up to 3 new listings per day and quick sales, with many selling within a week. With 29 million pets in Australia, the business has barely scratched the surface of it’s potential.


Fully compliant with RSPCA Guidelines for the Online Advertising of Pets.  


There are currently 2,500 users. Many options exist for future revenue streams such as success fees on sale or expanding into pet product sales.


The current owners have focused on building the user base as opposed to maximising revenue per user. The business needs to someone to invest in increasing the user base and develop new pricing strategies. This business is truly unique compared with other pet marketplaces in Australia and has the potential to be a major player in this space.


Property Type Business
Category Services, Professional


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